Shia La Beouf In Anti-Gay Slur Shame

Disgraced actor Shia LaBeouf in trouble with the law after a series of outrageous alcohol related outbursts in NYC.

Shia LaBeouf, is currently facing charges of harassment, disorderly conduct and criminal trespass today after a series of outbursts for which the Transformers star was arrested.

According to the charges which were read in court, La Beouf called one officer ‘a faggot’ and told another to ‘suck his d*ck’.

NYDailyNews reports that it took nearly half a dozen police to take the drunken actor into custody.

Once taken into custody officials said that he threatened one officer saying, ‘I’ll end your life.’ Before threatening to ruin careers with his ‘millions of dollars’ and a crew of lawyers.

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The arrest took place after the star reportedly disrupted a performance of Caberet on Broadway.

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His next court appearance is schedule for 24th July.

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