A show which compares human sexuality and that of animals has been accused of being ‘Gay Bestiality Propaganda’

The petition, which was created by George Gilbert, has been signed by over 1000 people who are against a play that is currently showing at The Kings Head theatre in London.


The show aims to compare human’s sexuality with that of animals.

The opening statement of the petition reads, ‘As the name of the play ‘Sex with animals’ suggests, it is absolutely horrifying and disgusting that the play of this name has been staged in the name of exploration of animal sexuality. By signing this petition we oppose abuse and sexual exploitation of animals suggested by this play which is already implied in the name of the play. We also oppose all propaganda suggesting or encouraging abuse and sexual exploitation of animals by this play, otherwise termed as bestiality or zoophilia.’

Gilbert is asking petitioners to agree with the following statement: ‘Therefore this group of men with homosexual and bestiality tendencies needs to be identified and along with dramaturg, producer, director, and all the creative cast should be publicly challenged and hold accountable for:

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1. Staging a play with potential for suggesting animal abuse – bestiality propaganda (Direct/indirect message is there, if some others entirely subliminal.)
2. Thematic consequences of the play.
3. Getting credits and blame for what the play does and does not.
4. The name of the play which may distorts the nature of the play, if this is the case.
5. Rationality of the play and expected implications in a viewer’s life. (Provide a scientific evidence on which the play is based).
Further we are asking all responsible for the play to:
6. Present shared belief on abuse and sexual exploitation of the animals – from dramaturg, producer and playwright of the play especially, to all the creative cast.
7. Publicly clarify their own sexual preferences since they appear to advocate what seems to be ‘sex with animals’ – gay bestiality propaganda
Lastly, we are calling on launching an investigation into whether any animals in their personal care are in danger of abuse or sexual exploitation.’

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