Simon Cowell gay joke

It was one of those totally awkward TV moments. Yes, that moment when one  straight man makes a joke about the “backdoor” with a gay man.


Simon Cowell
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Major AWKS.
During a segment where judges had to pick a front door from the ones presented on the screen in front of them, Rylan quipped, “I love a front door” to which Simon responded, “I thought you liked back doors?”


The other judges looked shocked and Nicole started to wave her hands in Simon’s face.

Rylan retorted by sashaying over to Simon, sitting on the side of Simon’s desk saying,

“Oh, Simon! Would you like me to show you how much?”

Simon Cowell gay joke


Simon was left red-faced after realising that his joke was in poor taste and after Rylan suggested that he show the judge how much he liked the “backdoor”.

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Instantly Simon knew he had taken the joke too far and apologised immediately.

The head judge said, ”I apologise. I shouldn’t have said that – sorry, sorry, sorry.”


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This year’s X Factor has been dogged with homophobic responses from its at-home audience. When Louis Walsh chose Bratavio for his category, his sexuality was called into question by fans of the show and both Bradley Hunt and Ottavio Columbro, Bratavio’s members, were both homophobically abused and even sent death threats over social media.

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