Yesterday, Jurors in the Tulisa Drug Trial heard claims from Tulia’s manager that the record exec was gay, today Simon Cowell’s camp responds.

Yesterday an undercover, secret recording emerged in which Tulisa’s manager Gareth Varey, speaking to Mr Mahmood stated that X Factor boss Simon Cowell was gay.

In an undercover and off camera recording Mr Mahmood asked Mr Varey whether Cowell was gay, in which the manager replied ‘Yes’.

Mr Mahmood then asked,‘Have you slept with him?’, Mr Varey replied: ‘No’.

When questioned on why he hadn’t slept with Mr. Cowell Mr Varey replied, ‘One day I will when I make my move’. Mr Mahmood said: ‘Do you fancy him or not?’

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Mr Varey answered: ‘No’. Mr Mahmood then questioned: ‘How do you know he’s gay?’

Mr Varey replied: ‘I know people who have’.

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Cowell’s camp has since stated: ‘We are bound by contempt of court rules so cannot respond to these claims in the manner we wish to.

‘We are speaking to the Attorney General’s office – and we intend to make a statement in court as soon as possible.’

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