One of pop’s longest lasting icons Sir Cliff Richard has used a candid interview with an Australian talk show A Current Affair, to pose the question ‘If I was gay would it make any difference?’

For years the ‘Devil Woman’ singer has had rumours circulating around about his sexuality and now in a chat show, broadcast on Friday night, he’s asked whether it would really matter if he was or not.

Sir Cliff, 73, went on to say: ‘I have got gay friends. Most people have gay friends,’ he said. ‘If I was gay would it make any difference? Would you not come to my concerts because I was gay? I hope not’.

The veteran singer began his career in 1958 and his first number one record came in the form of Living Doll, which was certified Gold in the UK. It has been suggested that the singer has sold in excess of 250million records world wide.

When asked about marriage, the singer said: ‘I just didn’t get married. I never felt that it was the right time. I can do the things I want to do. I can go and meet my fans all over the world.

‘I don’t have a responsibility because I always felt that marriage would be the major responsibility of your life, and if a child came along, a multi-major responsibility. No getting out of that one.’

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And if you’re wondering why the singer still looks so incredible today at 73, well he says it’s ‘extreme good luck’ although he did admit to using Botox, but that it didn’t work for him.

He said: ‘I did try Botox but that didn’t really work for me. I’ve seen people with Botox – they look fantastic.

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‘If it works for you, I don’t see what’s wrong with doing it. Why not? Women wear make-up.’

Sir Cliff Richard was born Harry Rodger Webb and is the third best selling singles artist in UK History.

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