This week there were thousands of distinct queries that led our lovely reader to the TheGayUK… Here are the six weirdest…

how to last longer as a top

Now have you asked your bottom if he’s okay with that? However we do have some tips on how to make a one night stand more memorable.


i slept with a gay guy

Well done and congratulations… haven’t we all.

is andi peters gay


We can’t possibly comment about Mr Peters, the eternally grinning TV host’s, sexuality… Until he confirms or denies, we’ll live in hope he’s one of the boys.

what is the gayest name

Christopher apparently… Read all about it here.


coming out songs

Anything Geri Halliwell, basically. Oh and Let it Go

shop dildos for gay sex

geordie shore sex

Why o why? However if you want to see the lads’ sex faces we can oblige… check them out here.

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