So gay men love Michelle Visage’s boobs and she’s got a theory as to why…

CREDIT: andykatz-bigstock
CREDIT: andykatz-bigstock

We recently spoke to camp vamp and gay icon extraordinaire, Michelle Visage, about her forthcoming Christmas tour, Christmas Queens, which begins at the beginning of December, and we asked her about Rylan’s boob grab! If you’ve forgotten about it, you can see it here.

Well, according to Ms Visage gay men just can’t get enough of ’em and she reckons it’s a mummy thing. We asked if a lot of gay guys grab her boobs…

Laughing, she told

“Gay boys love my boobs.  I think it’s a mother thing, I think with gay men and breasts, their mother’s or their best friends’…

“I think it’s a comfort (thing)!”


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So did she mind that her boobs got a lot of attention from Mr Clark-Neal? – Well, she hinted that the presenter just didn’t know what to do with his hands.

She said,

“Rylan didn’t  know what to do with me, he just loves his hand on it.


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