The Spice Girls have been planning a tour to celebrate 20 years since their first hit, Wannabe.



The show will go on with or without Victoria Beckham who seems to be the only hold out to seeing the world famous five some, and world’s most successful girl group of all time,  reunite for the first time since the London Olympic Games in 2012.

CREDIT: ©-s_bukley-Depositphotos
CREDIT: ©-s_bukley-Depositphotos

However there have been some rumours that Posh might be involved, but hopes for her to actually sing and dance in the tour are reportedly off the table.

There has been a bit of flip-flopping on whether the fashion designer would be involved with rumours first pointing towards the notion that she would join her former band mates, however, her reps were quick to dowse those rumours, saying it wasn’t happening.

Initially it was suggested that Victoria might be involved on the condition that she was able to keep her focus on her family and her fashion empire.

However the fashion icon’s reps refuted the rumours.

CREDIT ©-s_bukleyDepositphotos
CREDIT ©-s_bukleyDepositphotos

However now sources are confirming that Victoria may put in an appearance “here and there” although dancing and singing was strictly off the table at this point.

An insider told Us Weekly:

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‘[Victoria] won’t sing or dance. There’s a small chance she’ll film something with them or make an appearance at a show here and there.’

However even if the 41-year-old designer doesn’t join the rest of the Spice Girls the insider told the magazine:

‘If [Victoria] doesn’t agree, they are moving ahead without her,’ another source told the magazine.

Recently Hannah Spearritt from S Club Seven told THEGAYUK that she would be up for a reunion tour with the rest of her bandmates when the group hits its 20th anniversary in 2019.

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