Britain’s largest LGBT charity will not take part in Pride In London and will instead devote resources to UK Black Pride.

The UK’s largest LGBT+ Charity, Stonewall has decided it will not take part in Pride In London this year and will instead focus its energies on UK Black Pride instead, has learned.


The charity cited an issue with perceived failings with diversity, inclusion and representation of non-white communities, despite Pride In London not releasing any information on forthcoming events, 2018’s programme or activities that are planned surrounding this year’s event.

Some of these concerns were highlighted by the Pride’s independent advisory board in 2017. In last year’s report, the CAB (community advisory board) suggested that future prides in the capital need to focus on the bisexual, BAME and other marginalised groups amongst other suggestions.

The concerns were dismissed by Pride In London who issued a statement, at the time, to say, that the report was inaccurate, but that they would meet with the CAB to discuss their concerns.


In a statement the Stonewall said,

“We have also made the decision not to attend Pride in London this year.  We know this is an event that’s important to many in our communities and very much hope to attend in future years. However last year, Pride in London’s Community Advisory Board again raised concerns about the lack of diversity and inclusion at Pride in London – particularly of black and minority ethnic communities.  Pride in London rejected those concerns from the community in the strongest terms and, as yet, have failed to make any public acknowledgment [sic] that they may need to make significant changes if Pride in London is to be an event for everyone.

“We continue to be very willing to support Pride in London on this journey and recognise that they are taking some steps to increase the diversity of Pride in London and the events around it. We’re looking to support Prides around Britain to create events that are as inclusive as possible of all LGBT people in their communities.  It is vital that organisations listen to those they represent and respond with an openness to improve and change.


“We are excited to extend our support of UK Black Pride, have a strong presence at more community Pride events than ever, celebrate our diverse LGBT communities, and talk to thousands of LGBT people around Britain this summer.”

“Stonewall always welcome”

Today Pride In London, issued a statement to say,

“We will always welcome Stonewall to march with pride in the Parade, and we
hope to welcome their team at many community-driven events that will take
place this year, during the Pride Festival.


“Embracing diversity in all its forms, and supporting organisations like UK
Black Pride, is absolutely at the heart of our mission as a team. Our
volunteers work hard to put on an event that is for everyone. It brings our
diverse community together and gives groups, individuals, and organisations
the opportunity to show what pride means to them.

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“We are working closely with the Community Advisory Board and are dedicated
to making Pride a success for all our communities – from those who have
never been involved, to those who come back year-on-year, enabling them to
celebrate, protest and march for equality.”

UK Black Pride is an event which historically takes place in London over the same weekend as Pride In London. reached out to Stonewall for comment.

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