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  • 18 celebs who came out in 2017

    2017 has been a great year for celebs to come out as LGBT+ A racing driver, a butler, a police chief, singers, actors and even an X Factor star all decided that 2017 was the year to come out about their sexuality. Here are just 18 of the stars who decided 2017 was time to […]

  • London’s highest ranking Police Officer, Cressida Dick comes out

    London’s highest-ranking police officer, Cressida Dick has revealed that she’s in a same-sex relationship with a co-worker. Speaking to The Evening Standard, London’s highest-ranking police officer, Cressida Dick revealed that she’s in a relationship with another woman. The woman is called Helen and also works in the Metropolitan Police force. Cressida Dick was appointed London’s Commissioner in February 2017 and is […]