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  • INTERVIEW | David Thorpe, Do I Sound Gay?

    Is there such a thing as a “gay voice”? Why do some people “sound gay” but not others? Why are gay voices a mainstay of pop culture, but also a trigger for anti-gay harassment? You have probably asked yourself some of these questions in the past but American journalist David Thorpe finding himself single again […]

  • FILM REVIEW | Do I Sound Gay?

    When journalist David Thorpe found himself single again in his mid-forties he started to angst as to what could possibly be so wrong with him that he should be dumped so unceremoniously. His immediate thought was that the problem must be his voice, that he had always hated, and how it must now be a […]

  • Do I Sound Gay?

    Of course you do, and so do we, Thank God! When forty-something-year-old American journalist DAVID THORPE suddenly found himself single again he started to question what was wrong with him.  He thought it could be the fact that he sounded gay, so he set about delving into the whole issue of how he spoke to see if he could […]