Of course you do, and so do we, Thank God!

When forty-something-year-old American journalist DAVID THORPE suddenly found himself single again he started to question what was wrong with him.  He thought it could be the fact that he sounded gay, so he set about delving into the whole issue of how he spoke to see if he could resolve it.

He documented his ‘journey’ of discovery which with the help of his friends, therapists and some very witty gay celebrities turned into an hilarious and touching movie that every single gay man (and woman) will so relate too.

We sat down and talked with David (in our regular gay voice) who has articulated on something that all of us have questioned at some time.  He shared more of what he had learned from the likes of David Sedaris, Margaret Cho and Dan Savage to come to where his now totally comfortable in his own skin.  His interview with The Gay UK will be in out next issue, but meanwhile you can still catch him and his funny and enchanting movie playing at the BFI Flare Festival on 25/27th  March 2015