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  • Take A Good ‘Loft’ Around Berlin

    Take A Good ‘Loft’ Around Berlin

    Berlin is a principal political hub overflowing with history, monuments, and entertainment venues, and is highly regarded for its diverse architecture and high standard of living. Of paramount importance (to me) are the 24-hour train services, outstanding theatre, and the Friedrichstraße area (formerly East Berlin) that has an East Side New York feel. I frequently […]

  • TRAVEL REVIEW | B-Apart of Brussels

    TRAVEL REVIEW | B-Apart of Brussels

    Brussels is still a modest yet highly spirited neighbouring city with an extremely active gay scene (more so than London). Attractive deals with Eurostar can take you from London to the heart of Brussels in 2 hours with fares from as little as £58.00 return (March 2016). With the gay scene in London becoming somewhat […]

  • HOTEL REVIEW: Hotel La Tour

    HOTEL REVIEW: Hotel La Tour

    If you’re planning a city break in Birmingham, then you should check out the modern design of the Hotel La Tour. ★★★★

  • HOTEL REVIEW | Hilton London Syon Park

    I’m starting a new trend, rather than having one big summer holiday in the year I’m going to have lots of little holidays! Preferably in places that I can get to within an hour or two. Maybe even in my own city? Because let’s be honest the getting there bit is rubbish. Lots of little […]

  • HOTEL REVIEW | Hilton Cardiff

    Stepping into the Hilton Cardiff is akin to stepping into bliss. Nothing is too much hassle for the attentive staff from Car parking to Concierge.

  • HOTEL REVIEW | Hilton Garden Inn Glasgow City Centre

    HOTEL REVIEW | Hilton Garden Inn Glasgow City Centre

    ★★★★ | Hilton Garden Inn Glasgow City Centre A contemporary gateway into modern connected Glasgow Set along Glasgow’s famous Clyde River, the Hilton Garden Inn is the perfect place to stay, when visiting the bustling city of Glasgow. Situated in the redeveloped and developing area around the historic Finnieston Quay, the hotel is a stone’s […]

  • TRAVEL REVIEW | Crescent Turner (Whitstable) and Crescent Victoria (Margate)

    If you’re looking for an excuse to escape London and see the sea, sand and scenery, then head to Kent! Here you’ll find the beautiful seaside town of Whitstable, famed for its oysters and only a short drive down the coast, you’ll find the up and coming art scene of Margate. ★★★★ While in Whitstable, […]

  • HOTEL REVIEW | Easton Mountain: Bit of camp for winter

    ★★★★ | Easton Mountain: Bit of camp for winter It’s startling that there are gay capital-dwellers who travel to New York City, Boston and Montreal and are yet to discover the nearby gem that perches on the edge of Albany that is Easton Mountain. Created by gay men, Easton Mountain is comfortably a sanctuary and […]

  • HOTEL REVIEW | The Pineapple Point, Fort Lauderdale, USA

    ★★★★★ | The Pineapple Point, Fort Lauderdale, USA Fort Lauderdale, Florida makes an impressive POINT! Many gay travellers tend to head to Miami for its busy South Beach area that offers a gateway to its swanky bars, famous nightspots, sandy beaches, exclusive shopping, numerous tanning products and ridiculous diets to compliment that cocktail that you […]


    Hell’s Kitchen in Manhattan is New York’s right hand that throws the glitter in its Cousin Chelsea’s face! As an ex New Yorker, I often wonder around Chelsea and have withdrawals from the energy Hell’s Kitchen famously oozes. Regardless of budget head straight to 9th Ave (between 42nd & 52nd Street) and trip over gay […]

  • HOTEL REVIEW | Western Peacock Hotel, Kenilworth

    ★★★ | Western Peacock Hotel, Kenilworth Despite the hotel’s aging decor and desperate need of modernising, the service is second to none and the Peacock Hotel does provide good value for money. If you’re looking for corporate homogeneity in Kenilworth, near Leamington Spa, you won’t find it at the Best Western Peacock Hotel, but you […]