★★★★ | Easton Mountain: Bit of camp for winter

It’s startling that there are gay capital-dwellers who travel to New York City, Boston and Montreal and are yet to discover the nearby gem that perches on the edge of Albany that is Easton Mountain.

Created by gay men, Easton Mountain is comfortably a sanctuary and retreat with a unique experience that unites and takes a step back from the surrounding cities hard-partying tribes – set in a quaint corner of Hudson Valley, Easton Mountain’s positive spirit is drizzled by the collection of men that embrace the land and everyone within their adopted brotherhood.

Easton mountain is host of the warm welcoming ‘Winter Camp!’ Where you’ll find fun winter activities, new friends, community and warmth.

Freely surrounded by acres of land and way below the towering snowy mountain sits the guest house where accommodation is en suite and semi-private. Branching from the guest house we see the Lodge and Temple both sharing the pulse of 175 acres of land.

If it’s possible to be tiresome with the backdrop then discover a range of indulgent in-house workshops that focus to revitalize, replenish and hydrate your mind. The workshops are available for you to select freely to participate in and are all run by dedicated and volunteered facilitators who all create and provide personal attention to everyone attending.

Restore your bodies glow on the premises outdoor pool and indoor Jacuzzi along with massage rooms to complement your relaxation. Nestled a few feet away from the guest house is a yurt-style sauna where the atmospheric temperatures continue to rise after hours.

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Enjoy the very height of tasty nutritional home-cooked meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner can’t arrive fast enough with the most lavishly catered generous spread that awaits each meal time.

Experience why this gay inspiring haven is quite simply New York State’s level of supreme perfection for the spoiled for choice gay voyagers.

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The most favourable way to get to Easton Mountain is to arrive in Albany’s train or coach stations and then driven to the land via volunteers at Easton. Albany Airport is served by numerous national airlines, therefore, continuing your journey by air within the USA and afar is convenient.

Whether you travel from near or far, any strains from long flights, drives or rides will rapidly dissolve when you begin to discover the colourful gems that make Easton Mountain blissfully manicured in this land of many ‘campers’.

About the author: Ray Si
I am a British/American press official and predominantly research and review in the travel and entertainment field.