Brussels is still a modest yet highly spirited neighbouring city with an extremely active gay scene (more so than London).


Attractive deals with Eurostar can take you from London to the heart of Brussels in 2 hours with fares from as little as £58.00 return (March 2016). With the gay scene in London becoming somewhat embarrassing, take an easy ride to this quaint, convenient and charming city where you can pelt yourself into their friendly and loyal gaybourhood.

Accommodation options available to travellers used to be limited mainly to hotels and dare I say it hostels however in the last say 8 years we have seen an increase of shared accommodation services that entice LGBT travellers – they are all great and serve a purpose yet if you are in need of modernized surroundings with complete privacy in a generous spaced apartment and not a ‘bedroom sized’ hotel room then the option of B-Aparthotels should be high on your list.

B-Aparthotels has 5 pristine properties in the Brussels city area and located close to the important fun things to do – especially their property near Grand Place. Instructions to enter this fresh and orderly establishment is very slick and whilst there is no reception desk staff you instantly receive a warm welcome with the cleanliness and sleek instructions on how to obtain your room key in order to navigate to your very own apartment.


All B-Aparthotels are stocked with quality toiletries, kitchenware, appliances and has daily housekeeping service all-inclusive of the decent room rates that are available for their swank 1, 2, 3 bedroom, penthouse and duplex apartments.

The thought of hotel rooms for business or leisure travellers, meant working, sleeping and eating in the one, often cramped space. It also made travelling for families and groups expensive, with multiple rooms required to accommodate everyone. Features, unique to apartment hotels, allow you to cook your own meals, do your own laundry, and relax with plenty of space. B-Aparthotels attracts guests who stay for days, weeks or months at a time.


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Staying at this B-Aparthotel allows you to be in the midst of Brussels restaurant row. Rue des Bouchers is the gateway to a neighbourhood of food where there are more than 70 restaurants, one next to the other, on the street levels of the old step-roofed stone, brick and timber buildings in what is one of the oldest sections of historical central Brussels.


Rue du Marché au Charbon is a short and pleasant walking distance from the B-Aparthotel (Grand Place) and it’s this cobbled stretch that sits numerous gay bars, restaurants and plays host to the heartbeat of Gay Brussels – a place where you will want to B-Apart of.

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Star rating: ★★★★★

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