Hell’s Kitchen in Manhattan is New York’s right hand that throws the glitter in its Cousin Chelsea’s face! As an ex New Yorker, I often wonder around Chelsea and have withdrawals from the energy Hell’s Kitchen famously oozes.

Regardless of budget head straight to 9th Ave (between 42nd & 52nd Street) and trip over gay bars such as Posh, Flaming Saddles and Mickey Spillane’s – all offering warm welcomes and steering you away from the capitalist aroma of NY by drawing attention to their generous happy hours! New York’s real estate is hands down one of the most lucrative in the world therefore accommodation can flare a hole in your tutu unless you stay at THE OUT NYC.

Described as one of the most high energy, full service hotels in the area this urban resort in Hell’s Kitchen at 510 W. 42nd Street is not too far from 9th Ave – it’s probably the same walking distance from London’s Astoria (RIP) to the Candybar.

THE OUT NYC predominantly welcomes the LGBT community on diverse travelling budgets. This hotel offers plush Quad rooms featuring 4 full size bunk beds with full amenities including individual TV’s – the bathroom is shared but relax as you don’t seem to care when you have to share a powder room at a bar or on a plane and if you do like your own space and travel on helicopters instead of the tubes then without the hefty price tag THE OUT NYC also offers private bedrooms listed as deluxe, studios and one bedroom suites all draped with particular mirrors and comfortable lighting. They also offer dog house suites (where you might find your clothes from the night before or an ex). All visitors are welcomed to use their Spa that has a sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi.

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The staff all headline gorgeousness inside and OUT – you will have a hard time not asking them to join you for a drink at the hotels KTCHN bar and restaurant. THE OUT NYC is deep in Hell’s Kitchen but far from Hell on earth.

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PHONE: +1 212-947-2999
WEBSITE: http://theoutnyc.com
RATING: ★★★★★
PRICE: from $110 per night

About the author: Ray Si
I am a British/American press official and predominantly research and review in the travel and entertainment field.