Powerful, heartfelt and a strong testament to a force with that was Harvey Milk, the first openly gay political powerhouse that ran for major in San Francisco in the late 70s.

Sean Penn, plays the central role of Harvey Milk and putting aside the hotly debated discussion of whether gay men should fill the roles of gay character’s in the films, I feel that Penn does a brilliant job. No ham involved. A remarkably sensitive portrayal of this pioneer in a backward, gay loathing, back stabbing system. Of course there is a certain bit of eye candy – that being one Mr. James Franco who we’ve been seeing a lot of recently.

Although his part is short, Franco brings a personal life to Milk’s political life.


It is easy for us of a certain age, to forget or not to acknowledge those who went before in the equal rights cause and I say films like this need to be produced more and more, so that we never forget, how and why we are able to live in the western world freer that we’ve ever been able to.

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