Produced by Milk star James Franco and directed by Christina Voros, new documentary film, Kink, explores the world of photographers whose 9 to 5 job is photographing Kink.

The film, which premieres at Sundance, delves into the world of, exploring deep into the San Francisco Amory building, which is home to the porn production facilities.

In an interview with the director, Christina Voros was asked by James Franco why he wanted to produce a film like Kink – she said, ‘James was in a film that shot at the Armory.

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He came back from that shoot totally intrigued (by the place, the space, the people), and determined to make a documentary on it. But when he first approached me about it, in truth, I was reluctant. I couldn’t imagine it being a story that I could relate to. I was totally squeamish. And James said “trust me, you’ll want to make this movie” and he was right’.