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  • MUSIC REVIEW | DISCO – Unashamed, Pure Unadulterated Joy from start to finish!

    MUSIC REVIEW | DISCO – Unashamed, Pure Unadulterated Joy from start to finish!

    Kylie Minogue has always been an enigma. From her PWL days to the Deconstruction Indie-Kylie era, right through to 2018’s country-themed “Golden”. The pop-stalwart has always endeared the public with her creative talents and in a world when we are unable to go to the local discothèque and dance until dawn; it seems odd for […]

  • NOOOO! Cher is apparently the third most negative tweeter

    NOOOO! Cher is apparently the third most negative tweeter

    Kylie is the most positive.

  • Kylie just shared the cutest Throwback Thursday picture with her sister…

    They are both Austrailian showbiz royalty, but who knew that both Kylie and Dannii were so cute when they were growing up.   Gay icons Kylie and Dannii Minogue look so cute together in a throwback picture shared by Kylie on Instagram. The pop-princesses look so happy together, holding hands, in the ultimate throwback picture. […]

  • And this is why KYLIE is one hell of a gay icon

    We love Kylie – and her rather gorgeous BF Joshua.   The Aussie pop princess and her boyfriend, Joshua, have just done something that will totally and forever endear them to us… They’re not going to tie the knot  until same-sex couples get to say “I Do” down under. Dolly, Kylie & I kicking off […]

  • Kylie Records the Ab Fab Movie Theme, Sweetie Darling

    Kylie Records the Ab Fab Movie Theme, Sweetie Darling

    As if the excitement of the long awaited Ab Fab movie wasn’t enough to tantalise the gay community, the shows much loved theme tune, This Wheels On Fire has been recorded by the one and only Kylie Minogue.

  • WATCH: John Lewis Ad Gets The Kylie Treatment

    This is is pretty darn amazing. A super fan has changed the soundbed for John Lewis’s latest tear-jerker Christmas ad and replaced it with our Kylie! Changing up the sound from Aurora’s Half The World Away for Kylie and James Cordon’s Crimbo single Only You a Kylie super fan has created a wonderful video where […]

  • This Is Not A Drill: Kylie To Switch On Oxford Street Christmas Lights

    Gentlegays… Kylie is turning on the Christmas lights on Oxford Street this weekend. Gay icon Kylie is to turn on all 750,000 of the Oxford Street Christmas lights on the 1st November. The hugely anticipated event kicks off from 5.30pm. The switching on will take place from outside the PANDORA Marble Arch Flagship store. The […]

  • COMMENT | How I Learned To Stop Worring And Love Kylie

    My mini joke was always that it was a homo crime for which I could have my Gay Card confiscated. And there have been times in the company of my peers I’ve been the odd queer out. But the truth is I never was a Kylie fan. Quite the opposite in fact. My personal opinion […]

  • Kylie quits The Voice

    Kylie won’t be returning for the next series of The Voice because of touring commitments. Speaking to The Mirror, Kylie has confirmed she won’t be returning to The Voice on BBC 1 next season, because of her upcoming Kiss Me Once Tour. ‘I’m touring this year and the timings wouldn’t work, ‘We started filming in […]

  • ALBUM REVIEW | Kylie, Kiss Me Once

    ★★★★ |  Kylie, Kiss Me Once The shimmering pop queen is back with a confident new update to her sound, she’s also feeling sexy and she wants you to know it! INTO THE BLUE: After a year of chucking out some promo singles, Kylie is back to business good and proper, with the lead single […]

  • Kylie Moves Into The Blue Release Date Forward

    Due to excessive demand for the Red Bloodied Beauty, the Into The Blue release date has been pushed forward. Kylie Minogue’s new single Into The Blue is due to be released on the 9th March and the album will be released on the 17th. Her new album Kiss Me Once, is the first record since […]