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  • When is The League Of Gentlemen on TV and What Channel?

    This December prepare to revisit Royston Vasey… The brand new, mini-series of The League Of Gentlemen will be playing this December – and it’s on the BBC, so you won’t need any fancy subscription service or satellite dish to watch it. The team behind one of Britain’s favourite cult comedies released a series of pictures, much to […]

  • FIRST LOOK | The League Of Gentlemen Pictures

    Precious Things… We definitely have feels about this – The League Of Gentlemen have released their first look pictures from the new mini-series that is due to be released. The picture reveals some of the programmes’ favourite characters have returned, including, Tubbs and Edward, Pauline and Mickey. When is League Of Gentlemen on TV? The League Of […]

  • The League of Gentlemen is coming back to TV

    The legendary League of Gentlemen is making a comeback for BBC TV. Are you local? The League Of Gentlemen are due to return to the small screen following a decade and a half in waiting. Yes, those grotesque characters are making a comeback for a three episode special for BBC. All four of The League of […]