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  • ADVICE | Does PrEP stop you getting HIV? Where can I get it from?

    This week a reader asks about PrEP, what it does, where to get it and if it’s available on the NHS. Pharmacy2U’s Clinical Governance Pharmacist Phil Day answers the PrEP question.   Dear TGUK I’ve heard that there’s a drug that can stop me from getting HIV – Where can I get this? Is it […]

  • COMMENT | Truvada Friend or an enemy?

    COMMENT | Truvada Friend or an enemy?

    The use of Truvada as a prophylactic medication has awakened a rage of discussion and controversy. In Europe, the discussion is not that heated yet, but in the US, it is already on fire. Last year, the president of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation wrote an article in New York Times about Truvada, and that caught […]