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  • TODAY IN GAY: Hackers Take Over God Hates Fags Website

    TODAY IN GAY: Hackers Take Over God Hates Fags Website

    Hackers take over the Westboro Baptist Church website and point it towards “god loves fags” site.

  • Westboro Baptist Church protests gay teenage high school football player

    High school students and staff are standing behind a gay football player after the notorious Westboro Baptist Church protested the teenager on March 12. The targeted student is a senior at the John Burroughs School in the St.

  • Westboro Baptists, lose legal battle to protest at funerals

    Westboro Baptist Church has lost a legal battle to protest at funerals in Nebraska. The Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) has lost a legal battle meaning that it cannot protest within 500 feet of cemeteries mortuaries or churches, one hour before a funeral or two hours after it has taken place. The law which was enacted in […]

  • That Time Westboro Baptist Church Were Owned By Their Own Logic

    Westboro Baptist Church is infamous for its hateful signs and pernicious picketing. However, when you scratch beneath the surface as to what they are doing, they are themselves hated by god… for being enablers. During a Twitter exchange yesterday, Westboro Baptist Church’s entire existence came into call, when THEGAYUK asked weren’t they in fact enablers, […]

  • Westboro Baptist Church To Picket Barry Manilow

    Creepy hate group Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) have said that they’ll picket Barry Manilow’s concert at the Sprint Center in Kansas this week.

  • Westboro Baptists release anti-gay version of Let It Go

    Anti-everything Church Westboro Baptist Church has released a version of Frozen’s hit song Let It Go, but have cleverly changed the words… oh those talented beasts. The ever-on-the-pulse-of-pop-culture Church, WBC have released a version of Idina Menzel’s Let It Go, with clever, almost rhyming, new lyrics warning us all about our sins… yada yada yada. […]

  • Cher Is Anti-Gay Church WBO Next Protest

    The hate mongers at Westboro Baptist Church have decided on their next picket: Cher. This could get messy folks after the almost parody of its own self church, Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) released information on its next anti-gay protest. In a press release (comedy one-sheet as we like to refer to it around these parts) […]

  • Fred Phelps, founder of Anti-Gay Westboro Baptist Church dies

    The founder of Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) is dead according to reports. According to reports Fred Phelps, 84, who co-founded the WBC has died. According to a spokesperson for the church, he died on Wednesday night just before Midnight. He lived in Kansas. At the beginning of the week, his son Nate Phelps wrote on […]

  • Founder of Westboro Baptist Church, Fred Phelps, on “Death Bed”

    Fred Phelps, the co-founder of hate group Westboro Baptist Church is reportedly on his ‘death bed’ according to sources. According to Phelps’s son Nate Phelps who left the hate church in 1976, Fred Phelps the founder of Westboro Baptist Church is on ‘the edge of death’. In a Facebook post yesterday Mr. Phelp’s son said: […]

  • Westboro gets vine

    Now if only these people spend their time doing their hair, makeup or generally keeping fit, the WBC would be a much nicer place to hang out for gays. We love a bit of Westboro shenanigans; we find their updates and interest in our sexuality most heartening. That’s why when we found that they had […]

  • Westboro Baptist Church criticises Queen for Royal Assent on gay marriage

    Westboro Baptist Church criticises Queen for Royal Assent on gay marriage

    Anti-gay and homophobic church group Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) has tweeted a picture depicting Her Majesty calling her ‘Queen of fags’.   Tweeting from @WBCSigns, the infamous American church group have called HM Elizabeth II the ‘Queen Of Fags’ and published a picture of the Queen with a pink triangle on her forehead to attack […]