Hackers take over the Westboro Baptist Church website and point it towards "god loves fags" site.

Today in 1999 the infamous GodHatesFags.com was re-routed to godlovesfags.com. The hate website, which is run by the Westboro Baptist Church was hacked numerous times. One particular attempt was undertaken by the hacking collective Anonymous and managed to knock the website off and have its user linked to an entirely different website for several days.

In 1999 godhatesfags.com was just two years old and according to CNN, owner of godlovesfags.com, where the hate site was re-routed to, Kris Haight said,

The website was re-routed for a couple of days.

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Speaking about the hack, Shirley Phelps-Roper said,

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“It’s just another fag ploy to try to bury the truth of God and the Earth. It’s a temporary inconvenience.

“Hate will not be tolerated on the Internet,

“Phelps teaches hate and a lot of it is untrue. People who go to their site and want to find hate aren’t going to find it, at least until he gets the domain back.”

The website is still online today, but its visitor numbers are so low, that SimilarWeb which estimates a website’s online traffic says there’s insufficient data to accurately determine the website’s visitor numbers.

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