The hate mongers at Westboro Baptist Church have decided on their next picket: Cher.

This could get messy folks after the almost parody of its own self church, Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) released information on its next anti-gay protest.

In a press release (comedy one-sheet as we like to refer to it around these parts) WBC says, it plans to picket ‘that bundle of confusion going by the name of Cher’ at the singer’s Kansas City concert on 31 May.


The press release gets personal by dismissing Cher as a bad mother saying, ‘It’s no wonder that Chastity did a slow motion meltdown before the eyes of the world with such rage in her heart that she decided to show Cher who was boss and started chopping body parts off and calling herself a man.’

In March the founder of WBC Fred Phelps died at the age of 84.

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We think that Cher will get along just fine…

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