Westboro Baptist Church is infamous for its hateful signs and pernicious picketing. However, when you scratch beneath the surface as to what they are doing, they are themselves hated by god… for being enablers.

During a Twitter exchange yesterday, Westboro Baptist Church’s entire existence came into call, when THEGAYUK asked weren’t they in fact enablers, if their goal is to stop gay people going to hell?

Their signs read “God Hates Fag Enablers” and “Fag Enabler In Hell”, so surely by their own logic, god hates them. If in fact god exists and that’s a whole other debate.



The exchange happened after TheGayUK reported that WBC, whose founders and key players are banned from entering the UK, are planning to picket the Barry Manilow concert tonight. When questioned why they’d used #TrueLove as hashtag at the end of their tweet, they told us because they do care, insisting that WBC were the only people who do… And they linked to a video that suggested the reason they carry their colourful signs at pickets and Tweet bile filled hate, is because they’re stopping us falling over a cliff edge (hell); there’s a metaphor there – and it really is clever (for them), however by that very logic, their signs are acting as a calling for us to stop, and therefore be able to enter heaven. So aren’t Westboro Baptist Church themselves ‘fag enablers’?

When questioned on that fact they replied with, “Nope! Our goal is to preach; its effect is God’s call”. Again with the enabling…


Damn it WBC stop enabling us…

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We also called them up on their blatant copyright infringement of Barry Manilow’s picture (just for good measure). God hated stealing, it was in his commandments.

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