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  • Who are the gay and lesbian Prime Ministers of Europe?

    European countries have had the most openly gay and lesbian leaders, with five openly out being elected into power since 2009. To our knowledge, there have not been any openly bisexual or transgender leaders. There have been five openly gay and lesbian leaders.   Iceland Iceland was the first country in Europe to elect an […]

  • Who is Gauthier Destenay?

    You may have heard the name Gauthier Destenay mentioned in the press recently but who is he? Embed from Getty Images Gauthier Destenay is the Belgium husband of Xavier Bettel, Luxembourg’s Prime Minister. Mr Bettel is the only current openly gay world leader. That would make Mr Destenay Luxembourg’s First Gentleman. The couple got married in a private […]

  • The White House excludes the name of the husband of Luxembourg’s gay Prime Minister

    The White House seemingly edited out the name of Luxembourg Prime Minister’s husband, Gauthier Destenay. The official White House picture, which included the spouses of Nato leaders, was published on the official White House Facebook page however at the time of publishing they omitted the name of Luxembourg Prime Minster’s husband, Gauthier Destenay. Embed from Getty Images The […]

  • Luxembourg’s Prime Minster was told to pretend partner was “assistant” in anti-gay country

    Luxembourg’s Prime Minster, Xavier Bettel has spoken about how it was suggested that he should describe his boyfriend at the time as an “assistant” on an official trip to an unnamed country. Speaking at this year’s Economist Pride Event, Pride and Prejudice, the world’s only and first openly gay world leader, Xavier Bettel, explained how it was […]

  • 10 People Who Really Made A Difference In A Landmark Year For LGBT Rights

    Earlier we reported on the disappointing list of 6 people The Independent published as having made 2015 a landmark year for LGBT rights worldwide. Writer Matthew Hoy shares his top 10 landmark personalities with THEGAYUK who made 2015 a truly exceptional year in the LGBT equality movement. Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera is an […]

  • Luxembourg: Only Gay Prime Minister In The World To Marry?

    Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel is to wed his partner Gauthier Destenay next week, according to Yahoo News, just a few months after the tiny duchy legalised same-sex marriage. Bettel, who became prime minister in 2013 at the age of just 40, has said little about his plans in a bid to minimise press coverage […]