E-readers… where do you stand on them? I’m more a tablet man myself and prefer the variety of use that they offer. I like that I can watch a film, listen to music or read/listen to a book on my tablet. I can write articles, draw images, edit photos…..anything you can buy an app for. I simply didn’t see the point in a device that has few, and sometimes a single use.

However, having been given the chance to test drive the new Kobo model, the Aura, I’m almost a convert.

This compact e-reader is so cute. The design is simple and very elegant with intuitive, almost Apple-esque controls. Its light, weighing in at a mere174 grams, measuring a mere 15 cms by 11 1/2 cms – ideal for reading in bed or on the daily commute.

It comes with 4GB of internal memory that will hold an entire library, with a battery life that will almost allow you to read an entire library before it needs a charge. The market for e-readers has grown, with electronic books being listed on the bestsellers charts – similar to how downloads are now shown in music charts. Times change and the much declared death of paper based books hasn’t happened as people seem to be happy to buy both types of media.

There is much made of comparing models – this one does this, its better than that…..but if you’re in the market for one of these, I’d simply suggest that you think long and hard about what you want one for and then compare like for like.

This one has an expandable memory, so a micro-SD will give you up to 32GB. This is needed as you are able to send Pocket articles to your reader from a browser or smartphone. Its a little like Pinterest for your reader.

You can go Beyond The Book by linking you to the web contact that explains key facts in the text – think Wikipedia in your reader. I tried it out with The Hobbit – all those dwarf names confused me, so being able to click them and see who is who was a boon!

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The other bonus of this reader is that it isn’t tied to a specific retailer or format. This little box of tricks supports ePub, PDF, JPEG and DRM, amongst others. Although mine was set up ready for reviewing, it takes no time to set up – another Apple-esque feature.

Kobo has embraced could computing too – your books can be retrieved and read anywhere, bookmarks and settings are synched seamlessly and can be picked up on your other devices.

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I could be classed as a convert. I can see me purchasing something like this simply to read on journeys, read in bed at night or simply use to store and retrieve documents on the go. I still love my tablet and laptop (both Apple, I’ll readily admit) but this sleek little box is ideal to just pop in a pocket or bag and take with you. No bulk, no fuss….just your favourite reads.

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