Karl Schilg
CREDIT: Saving Jane Film / YouTube

It looks like past TGUK model Karl Schilg, is getting his kit off once again for his first feature length comedy, Saving Jane.

CREDIT: Saving Jane Film / YouTube
CREDIT: Saving Jane Film / YouTube


Jane, a social outcast, and her bedroom locked Penthouse reading brother find themselves under the control of a well known hitman called Bo, who has been hired by their father – an established crime lord – to make his kids cool and to stop embarrassing him. It seems however that the road to becoming cool is full of many obstacles.

Karl modelled for TheGayUK back in 2014 in our Swimwear Special.

© TheGayUK - Issue 4
© TheGayUK – Issue 4



Watch the full trailer below – including Karl’s baby oil scene!