One week till payday, and boy does it feel far away! But here are some songs to keep you going till that glorious one day next week.

Gerda Monroe – Understood ★★★★

Giving off serious early 80’s Kim Wilde vibes, hailing from Denmark this is a very strong debut single featuring some gentle guitar riffs, 80s style pop vocals, soaring synth riffs and a very big chorus! 4/5


Lady Gaga – G.U.Y. ★★★★★


After running into a bit of trouble with the video (i.e. none) for last single Do What You Want Gaga returns with the promise of her best video to date, it was shot at the uber swank Hearst Castle in California, and as for the song? G.U.Y sees Gaga return with a massive balls to the dancefloor walls anthem. One of the highlights from her current album, produced by the now Grammy Award winning DJ, Producer and Popstar Zedd. 5/5


Sigma – Nobody To Love ★★★★

Stand by for one of the biggest singles of this year, the pre-orders alone have guaranteed that! It’s a massive drum n bass affair with an incredibly catchy gospel tinged chorus to boot. 5/5

Shakira – Dare (La La La) ★★★★

Her hips don’t lie and neither does this tune, kicking off her new album (out next week) is this surprisingly huge dance anthem, sadly it is the only song of its type on the album but that makes it stand out from the crowd. Truth or dare on the dancefloor anyone? 4/5

Sia – Chandelier ★★★★★

IM GONNA SWING FROM THE CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANDELIEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Songwriter extraordinaire and exec-producer of Kylie’s latest album, Sia, returns to her day job of being an amazing popstar, and boy is she back with a bang! Containing one of the biggest choruses of any pop song in the past few years, this is going to be a rather big hit. 5/5

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