THEGAYUK asked readers about their thoughts on Olympic Corporate Sponsors – the results quite damaging for any brands who don’t speak out.

With one of biggest mass organised world-wide protests being organised for today (5th Feb 2014) THEGAYUK unveils it’s readers’ survey about what gay people think about the brands that are sponsoring the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

We asked a representative sample (162) of THEGAYUK readers their thoughts on the commercial supporters of this year’s Winter Olympics.


A whopping 76% of the people who were questioned knew at least one of the Olympic Sponsors.

When asked whether they’d boycott the brands involved 60% said that they would consider banning a brand from their house.

Nearly half of those questioned had already boycotted a brand with a Russian connection (44%)


75% agreed that sponsorship of the Sochi Winter Olympic games damaged a company’s LGBT friendly credentials.

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AT&T were the first brand that actively condemn the current situation that LGBT people face in Russia – and although it’s not an official overall Olympics’ sponsor, it does sponsor the US Olympic team.

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