"Saying 'thank you' as a community rainbow is the most important thing we can do"

The iconic rainbow flag has become the symbol of hope once again, this time it’s in the battle against coronavirus.

One Pride team from Cornwall Pride have found a way to utilize their very own rainbow flag, the biggest in the UK in an amazing tribute to all key workers in the UK.

Ensuring social distancing, the team from Cornwall Pride including artist, Pat Fete, used Cornwall’s biggest canvas, Towan Beach, and the UK’s biggest pride flag, to write a special message to all key workers across the UK.


Matthew Kenworthy Gomes, from Cornwall Pride, told THEGAYUK, “It is our way to show support from Cornwall Pride as we have an amazing rainbow flag and its one of the largest in the UK. So sharing it right now, saying “thank you” as a community rainbow is the most important thing we can do. To bring people together with an image of hope and love.

“With support from Team Newquay and the local Police Diversity Team to share it in solidarity with NHS and all key workers. Again to truly say a HUGE thank you to everyone for everything’.

Perfect way to say ‘thank you’

Jon Goodman, from Team Newquay, said, “This is a perfect way for Newquay to say “Thank You” ….a rainbow on a beach!


“I was asked to help put it together and this is something you just can’t say no too, my daughter is a keyworker and I have friends that are carers and work in the NHS, I and all are full of pride for them all.”

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The whole project took a little over 2 hours and four people all following social distancing and washing hands when changing equipment. Two for the flag, one artist, one photographer.

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