★★★★ | Afterglow, Waterloo East Theatre, London

An extramarital relationship takes its toll on two men expecting a baby in the return of the sexy play Afterglow.

After a sell-out run at the Southwark Playhouse which ended just a few months ago, Afterglow returns to the cosy Waterloo East theatre, with a new cast, and 15 minutes shorter. Does this make the show better than the previous production? Yes it does.

The problem with the previous production was the time-consuming moments when the actors would re-arrange the furniture for the scene changes – all a bit tedious and it took away from the sexually charged energy of the show.

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What we have now is a cast who are just as sexy, but with a show that is tighter and sexier, while we are still treated to those delicious and sexy scenes where the actors are totally naked (in the bed, in the shower, practically all over the stage)!

The plot, if you buy a ticket for that, involves Josh (Adi Chugh), Alex (Peter Mcpherson) and Darius (Benjamin Aluwihare). Josh and Alex have been together a long time and have decided to have a baby via surrogate. But their relationship is an open one – they participate in three ways and allow each other to have fun with other guys. But when Darius enters their bedroom he and Josh click right away, and start to see each other, with Alex’s approval, and they eventually start to fall in love. But with the baby coming very soon (Josh and Alex cheekily change the name of their unborn baby weekly to peaches, lemon and cauliflower), and with Alex starting to get worried about Josh and Darius spending more time together, can Alex and Josh endure this big bump in their relationship?

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The actors are all very sexy and are all good in their respective roles, especially Aluwihare who brings a bit of naivety to his role. It’s a very good production, and at 75 minutes it’s not a big investment in your time – and it’s in a cosy and warm theatre where you might be tempted too to take your clothes off.

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About the author: Tim Baros
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