You know those occasions when you meet your mates in town for a drink after work. It gets to about 9 and you think it might be nice to round off the evening in some way.

Well instead of heading to your local kebab house, why not nip down to the Soho Theatre for a bit of cabaret, where you can catch one of the final performances of Sugartits, by the award-winning duo Bourgeois and Maurice? It would be a great way to round off a convivial evening with friends.

And convivial, for the most part, is what this cabaret is. The duo delivers a selection of self-penned songs, covering a range of contemporary topics, such as tax, internet junkies and the homogenisation of our town centres (an “improvised” song about Birmingham could be about any town in the UK, which is actually the point). However, though engaging and entertaining, it’s not quite as hard hitting as they’d like to think, pandering, as it does, to middle-class Liberal sensibilities. I felt it could have done with a set of sharper teeth.

That said, I could hardly fault the performances of the duo, who are the perfect foil for each other. Bourgeois, looking rather like a cross between the Divine David and the MC from Cabare, (I loved the Putin decorated jumpsuit he changed into half way through) delivers his songs and linking dialogue with a sardonically laconic wit, whilst Maurice, sporting a 60’s beehive, which would be the envy of Marge Simpson, has an engaging goofiness, and a rare talent at the keyboard. I particularly enjoyed her surreal attempt to tell a joke, in the manner of Michael McIntyre.

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Certainly, worth a trip, you can catch the show at the Soho Theatre Downstairs until September 21st.