I have checked my laptop; my tablet and my very smart phone repeatedly for reassurance and, finding them all in accordance with the wonders of GMT and the world wide inter webs, I am without doubt that the date is the 14th September and the year 2013.

Of course, a further give away that I am abundant in technological times would be that none of these Space Age ‘Back to the Future’ play things existed in the middle ages, as, equally, neither did the word “homosexuality”; a term coined by a Hungarian physician sometime in the late 19th Century, a modern invention.

Although, of course, homosexual “practices”, and as we all know “practice makes perfect”, were in mainstream existence since the times of the Ancient Greeks; our most famed and favourite philosophers of human principal, who deemed no reason to coin such a phrase of separation, but merely understood the relationship as a simple part of the ‘aphrodisia’, otherwise known as; ‘love’.

So I find myself in a quandary as to why it is, that two centuries after homosexuality was first given a name, and many many years since love became an acceptable part of human existence, we are having to march down to the house of the man in charge with our hands in the air to fight for the general humanity that provides each individual with the right to be free.

The answer to this question: Russia, and I cannot tell you how long I have waited to use the phrase “From Russia, No Love”…well, honestly; I can, approximately 2 years, but that is neither here nor there in the grander scheme of things; the man that wrote that sentence in words and then forced me to listen to a half hour dialogue about the ironic presentations of word plays within pop culture reference; was an idiot, but his point vaguely stands, though not for its intended use, but as equally as he was a moron the current situation of secreted hatred is moronical.

A word I just coined; a modern invention.

It seems ridiculous that this debate should even carry enough weight to build a sentence out of and yet, here we are again. And I find myself wondering; what is worse here?

The fact that a country has even thought to make such a law or that every other country in the modern world isn’t screaming “what the what!” over a couple of beers in a gay bar before mocking the imbecile for their naive lack of mind.

For what exactly is the crime here?

That one person might fall in love with another person?

That one person might have to suffer the same pain and heartache, the same joy and beauty as anyone else?

That, size charts permitting, they can swap sweaters and share shoes?

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The truth of love is that no one; male, female, whatever the hell you are, chooses where their heart goes; because if you had that choice, chances are you’d hide in a tool shed at the bottom of your parents garden until your hormones had subsided enough that you might come in contact with another human being and feel nothing, because wherever your heart finds itself it will find a world of challenges; sufferings, confusions, upsets, compromises, problems, runaways and hide and seeks and that’s the beauty of love.

No-one is safe from it.

No-one is more or less worthy.

We are all equal to the heart, we are all slaves to it, and we are all lucky to experience that one moment in life when you realise; “I am completely in love with you”.

When the most basic rules of humanity dictate that every individual should be held in equal esteem to every other individual regardless of race; religion, sex or sexuality.

That no one man or woman is more worthy of life; and therefore, of love, than any other.

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That we are all free to feel, to be, to move around the streets of this earth without fear from any other individual or group of individuals. And yet, here, in September 2013 we, as people of this world, are allowing directed segregation’s towards individuals whose crimes are charged as: “love”. And to continue to argue “Cultural Diversity”, is just not an admissible excuse to overlook injustices to a community of people who span every culture; every diversity, apart from anything else its a massive hypocrisy to permit injustice of human rights in the name of “acceptance” when the very nature of that condition is a rejection of an acceptance of human rights.

So here we are, standing at the doors of Downing Street with our hands in the air asking for the truest thing, the most natural thing the world has ever known: the right to fall in love; to let that love live and to walk down the street holding its hand because there comes a time, in life, when we; as people, as individuals, have to accept that; “this is who I am and this is who you’ll be”.


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Opinions expressed in this article may not reflect those of THEGAYUK, its management or editorial teams. If you'd like to comment or write a comment, opinion or blog piece, please click here.