The unsolved 2010 murder of Gareth Williams is the focus of a new show called ‘Kompromat’ now playing at The Vaults as part of their Vault Festival 2019.



Williams was found dead in his Pimlico flat, naked and stuffed into a red bag. Foul play was the expected cause death as there was no way that he could’ve zipped himself in that bag on his own. Kompromat goes so far as to suggest that Williams, who was suspected of being gay, was targeted by another man, someone he hooked up with at a gay bar, and took him back home, and that this hook-up would be William’s last one. Max Rinehart plays Zac, goodlooking and convincing, enough so that any gay man would be lucky to take him home. Guy Warren-Thomas plays Tom (Gareth), shy, a bit introverted, yet careful who he lets into his life. Zac is very confident, and as we get to learn, he’s been around the block a few times, and as his story unravels, so does the soon to be shortened life of Tom. All of this takes place in the intimacy of The Vaults which has on tap loads of other gay-related stories to tell during the 2 month festival.

Other offerings include:


Two husbands. One hundred lovers. A modern day romance. Join Chris and Tim for an intimate exploration of their love, jealousy and desire for one another…and many, many others.

23 — 27 Jan 2019

Juniper and Jules

Until Juniper, Jules hadn’t realised she liked girls. Falling headlong into a relationship, in a world where monogamy is the norm, they soon discover they want to do things differently.

23 — 27 Jan 2019

Yours Sincerely

Will has accidentally stolen 300 2nd class stamps, but he’s making them count. A queer comedy about the lost art of letter writing. Stamp collecting has never looked so sexy.

30 Jan — 03 Feb 2019


Explore the minefields of dating in a post #metoo era. Who do we have faith in when one party believes it’s sexual misconduct, and the other, simply a bad date?

02 Feb — 17 Mar 2019

Bleach (main photo)

Tyler sells his body nightly, but his world is about to be turned upside down when life takes a sinister turn. A soul-jolting story of sex, violence and city living.

06 — 10 Feb 2019

Tilda Swinton Answers an Ad on Craigslist

Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Instagram star Tom Lenk portrays iconic actress Tilda Swinton, imagined as an edgy, modern day Mary Poppins in this LGBTQ hit and Edinburgh Fringe favourite.

06 — 17 Feb 2019


Dylan and Eddie have just moved in together. They’re both really happy. Except Dylan isn’t. Between sex parties and roast dinners, ‘Marmite’ explores gay monogamy.

13 — 17 Feb 2019


Pisín moved to London to pursue his dream of becoming socially mobile. Now, he’s having an existential crisis in a Pret A Manger toilet, trying to remember his mindfulness techniques.

18:1027 — 28 Feb 2019

Coming Clean: Life As A Naked House Cleaner

Sex! Fantasies! Voyeurism! Vacuuming! Come inside the world of a naked cleaner as he explores what we want and what stops us from asking for it.

27 Feb — 03 Mar 2019

General Erection (a political cabaret)



07 Mar 2019


“GAYLORD NOUN, PEJORATIVE. Used to describe someone so gay it defies the laws of physics.” A gay hour of comedy from two Gaylords. Work in progress. Breeders welcome.<

10 Mar 2019

For tickets to Kompromat, which ends on Feb. 3, please go here:

Eight weeks of theatre and comedy, immersive experiences, cabaret, live performance and late night parties.

To see the mega program with all the shows on offer, please go here:

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