There are a number of products on the market that promise to numb your booty before anal sex... but do they work?

There are a number of products on the market that promise to numb your booty before anal sex… but do they work?

In a way, yes they do. Well, at least the one I road-tested did!

I recently tried a numbing lube. As it turns out, it does numb, but is that a good thing?

There are many reasons why someone might want to try out using a numbing lube. Perhaps you’re scared about your first time, perhaps you just find anal sex too painful, maybe the guy you’re with is packing something extra big, maybe you’re going to be using an extra-large toy.

Before going down the numbing lube path, you might want to take heed from Doctor Evan Goldstein of Bespoke Surgical who gave a warning against the use of numbing gels or lubes – especially if you’re planning to take something huge up your ass. He said the problem with the numbing lube is that if you’re doing damage to yourself, you might not feel it.

He said, “A lot of people are using numbing lubricants or poppers or other to relax, and the reality of that, is that it leads to injury because a lot of people don’t feel the trauma happening”.

But as long as you’re aware of this factor, you should be okay.

So how to proceed?

Whats the best numbing lube?

I don’t know about you, but I like to warm up first so to speak. Maybe a little toy play by myself before allowing a real-life dick in. I do this so when we get down to it the actual penetration doesn’t take so long – or having that horrendous sharp stabbing pain that you can get if you’re not completely relaxed – it’s a complete mood killer.

The first time I tried the numbing lube I used it on my fingers first before putting it on the toy, I normally use to get myself ready. It’s worth noting that numbing lube takes a little while to anesthetise the area, around about five to 10 minutes. When I went to put in the toy, I didn’t really feel anything. In fact, it just seemed to slide all the way in.

The actual sex? Well, it was rougher and I could take it for much longer than usual. All good in my books!

So do you actually still get pleasure?

Yes, strangely you do. The G-spot doesn’t seem to be affected by the application of the lube, I guess because it’s not actually exposed to the lube.

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Any downside?


However, it was afterwards that was most uncomfortable for me. When the numbing wore off. I felt like I had been well and truly rammed by a traffic cone and it lasted for quite a while, whereas normally after anal sex, I don’t get any ache or pain.

I put this down to the fact that I really hadn’t warmed myself up before. Normally I take things slowly to make sure the muscles are all relaxed.

So my advice is, to warm yourself up with just normal lube first, then when you feel comfortable, insert the numbing lube up inside you as far as you can get it. You could even try a lube syringe or a lube launcher, which will help place the lube right where it needs to be. You can then also put some on and around your hole to help with getting past the first ring!

You may want to try and minimise the contact with your top’s penis, however, because if it numbs your ass, it will also numb his dick, so be sure to wear a condom, or first put a layer of non-numbing lube on his dick first before he enters you.


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