THEATRE REVIEW | Scott Capurro Islamohomophobia, Soho Theatre

5th June 2013 0 By Chris Bridges

★★★★★ | Scott Capurro: ‘Islamohomophobia’

Waspish Californian stand-up Scott Capurro is performing his latest show for 4 nights only at the intimate Soho Downstairs at The Soho Theatre on Dean Street. It’s not a show for the faint hearted but is definitely a treat for those with a dry and dark sense of humour.

Capurro regales us with tales of his recent marriage to his boyfriend, a near lynching in Cardiff and the events surrounding the death of his mother; a story that is by turns irreverent but ultimately poignant.

Although you may not feel safe sitting on the front row, as he cunningly wheedles out sordid details of the audience’s personal life, Capurro ultimately comes across as a charming and likeable man who’s enjoying his art. He may have the power to make you choke on your Martini with his acerbic comments but he also could probably manage to seduce you if you gave him enough time or wore loose enough trousers.

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The content of his routine may seem controversial, initially, but it’s all fine as Capurro manages to insult absolutely every group of people without discrimination.


Catch Scott Capurro live at The Soho Theatre until Saturday the 8th of June