The Naked Magicians

★★★★ | The Naked Magicians

The Naked Magicians

A naughty and funny magic show with full nudity!

There are two men who get their kit off every night near Trafalgar Square, and I recommend that you go have a peek!!!

These two men are Mike Tyler and Christopher Wayne, and they are starring in a new show at Trafalgar Studios called The Naked Magicians. Having seen the show, I can vouch that they do indeed take off all of their clothes (except for the strap that holds the microphone battery!).

Directly from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Tyler and Wayne are two Aussies who’ve been performing as naked magicians all over the world for over two years, so they’re both used to baring all in front of an audience. But their charm and cheekiness in the way they strip is unique, and best of all, lots of fun.

Both men are actual real-life magicians (and not strippers) and their show features all sorts of magic tricks. Ninety minutes in length, the handsome gents perform tricks such as pretending to smash an audience members mobile phone, using an inflatable penis to get members of the audience to reveal their porn names (name of street you grew up on and the name of a pet) while already having it written down, card tricks galore, and of course the disappearing clothes trick, are all part and parcel of what they do. Of course, any magic show wouldn’t be a magic show without audience participation, and some lucky (?) members of the audience get the chance to go on stage and help the men to ‘perform’ their magic. Since this boisterous magic show is R-rated, the humour and the jokes, are for an adult audience, so if you’re prudish, go see Aladdin instead! And near the end of the show, the buffed men wear top hats, not on their heads, but hats that are strategically placed and in which an audience member is tasked with holding the hat in place while Christopher performs some rope tricks. It’s hilarious! By the time the men attempt to get themselves out of straightjackets (tied by two audience members), they are practically naked, but it’s the hungry audience who wants to, and gets to, see more, and they definitely get to see more.


The Naked Magicians takes magic to a whole new naughty level and it’s a level where you want to be at!

The Naked Magicians plays at Trafalgar Studios until 24th September