Tune in next week to see our very own GayUK gardening duo join forces with the legend that is Monty Don!

In “Big Dreams Small Spaces” Monty helps couples with small gardens make the most of what they’ve got. For Adam and Andy the challenge was to turn a small scrap of land next to the house into a useable garden – perfect for parties, eating out and entertaining.

Adam says,

“We’re so lucky to be living in such a beautiful part of the world, so we always want to be able to spend time outside. The land we have here in Wales is all being used for smallholding so it’s always full of animal feed, sheds and equipment – not to mention the animals themselves! We wanted to claim some of the space for us so we can spend time outdoors together and with our friends.”

“The camera crew followed us for a year as we worked on achieving our goals. We’d always been growing food but over the course of the show we’ve discovered a passion for all elements of gardening especially growing beautiful flowers that are purely for enjoyment!”


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Andy added,

“We got involved in the show inadvertently by responding to a Tweet about small gardens – the next thing we knew Monty Don was coming round for a cuppa and a chat! He was such a nice guy and really helped us turn our modest project into something wonderful.”

“We’ve been so lucky to have found a special village to live in, full of amazing people. We’ve only been here three years and have fantastic friends, a working smallholding and now a tidy little garden too – sometimes we really do pinch ourselves!”

Andy and Adam’s episode of “Big Dreams Small Spaces” airs this Wednesday 22nd of October on BBC2 – and you can watch a sneak peak of the episode here (http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p028ncxr)

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If you want to keep an eye on what the guys are up to search ‘Helpless Homestead’ on Facebook or follow@homesteadsos on Twitter.

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