There’s a cockring that has a camera on it…

There are some angles we’ve always wanted to view and now you can, thanks to a cockring, that’s also a camera.

Up until now, there was really only one view that hasn’t been recorded for the viewing pleasure of the masses and that was the cockeye view. But now, thanks to this new camera, called the CockCam, which doubles up as a handy cockring you’ll be able to view your ass being slammed from the viewpoint of your top’s penis.

2019 people. 2019.

The cockcam simply slides over the top’s dong and when linked via wifi will film whatever is put in front of it. Mouth, ass, melon. Whatever.

According to the website, the developers have “encased the camera in a luxury feel matt black ring, which has a stretchy, yet tight sleeve. Designed to fit snuggly around the base of your cock, to give the camera a great point of view and also helps you keep a bigger and harder erection”.

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There’s also a nightvision mode. Just in case you decide to go hoophunting in the dark.

And it’s a snip at just $149 (currently $20 off).

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H/t CocktailsAndCocktalk

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