There’s an App for everything these days and now there’s one to highlight where a gay person has been beaten called, Bashing.

After a series of what is commonly known as ‘queer bashing’ happened in 2011, the Belgium LGBT movement decided it was time to act.

Described by the app developers as ‘for (the) gay community, supported by Outrage! and developed by FAMOUS’ the app is available for free, to download from the Google Android Market Place and the iTunes store and has already had over 1,000 downloads since it was launched last year.


According to the app there are over 250 reports of ‘bashings’ in Brussels with 53 reports of abuse from the Grand-Place de Bruxelles Grote Market Van Brusselalone.

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The developers say, ‘One of the biggest issues with homophobia is that very little statistic information exists. With this app a user can easily and quickly indicate where he was assaulted and describe what just happened.’
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