The price range is staggering, but if you really want to surprise your friend, a Cameo from their idol might just be the trick!

Matthew Mitcham


Matthew Mitcham
CREDIT: Matthew Mitcham/Instagram

Bargain. A whole lot of Aussie Hunk for your ££s!

Layton Williams


Perhaps he’ll mention that Everyone’s Talking About YOU, instead of Jamie.

Duncan James


Embed from Getty Images

You won’t be BLUE when a message from Duncan pops through.

Cheryl Hole


Keeping it real with a good price is our Chezzer. Good on ya girl.

Daniel Newman



Let his hunky voice slide into your DMs… Instead of Walking Dead, he’ll be Talking Dead!

Todrick Hall



Perhaps he’ll give you free artistic tips, ala Taylor Swift…

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John Barrowman MBE


John Barrowman
CREDIT: KathClick

We’re not sure what time or dimension John’s message will come from… but it will arrive.

Perez Hilton


Perez Hilton
CREDIT : © Jean_Nelson

Maybe Perez will give you the inside Gossip when he leaves your message.

Lea DeLaria


Embed from Getty Images

You won’t need to steal and end up behind bars to get a message from Lea, but it’d be criminal not to get a message from this Orange Is The New Black star.

Gus Kenworthy


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CREDIT: Gus Kenworthy / Instagram

We only hope he doesn’t do the message while on the slopes!

Lance Bass


Lance Bass
CREDIT: ©-Jean_Nelson-Depositphotos

Maybe he’ll sing “Bye Bye Bye” at the end of his message!

Caitlyn Jenner


CREDIT: © Jean_Nelson /

If you want GOLD you’re going to have pay GOLD. Ms Jenner is by far the most expensive LGBT voice on Cameo. We’re wondering what family secrets she might spill for a couple of K.

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