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Never heard of Thierry Alexandre? Don’t worry, sweethearts – you will! Arguably the uncrowned uber-queen of transhuman London, Thierry gorgeously violates every appreciative orifice wholesale!

Best loosely described as a stormingly pansexual performance artist, Thierry’s triumphantly usurped the f*ck-everything gospel of Leigh Bowery and protégé Transformer, and run with as if his dick’s been sheathed with queer, sacramental fire at the head of a non-binary marathon!

His closest rival, perhaps – if only in sartorial terms – is RuPaul’s latest darling, US drag diva Sasha Velour, but Thierry easily trumps Velour with an infectious lust for life that’s the pansexual pandemic that this dreary, strait-jacketed Brexit Britain is subconsciously screaming for!

And in a sense, Thierry – originally French, though thoroughly queerly baked in England – epitomises the French, national credo of liberty, equality and fraternity. Like some gender-f*cked jump-start cable, Thierry’s ultra-feisty sparks od deviant electricity have kick-started centres of queer civil resistance worldwide.

Drawing on and gaily re-imagining a huge array of disparate, quintessentially contentious sources – among them, clown, Commedia del’ Arte pantomime and – in a linkage that’s game-changingly unlikely – Paul Ruben’s Pee-Wee Herman – Thierry seals his unholy, provocative, queer witch’s brew with the steely, unflinching aesthetic of his adored Butoh dance form.

And briefly, it’s that audacious, impossible-on-paper marriage – fusing child-like innocence, openness and graciousness with the serene but unbending clarity that informs every gesture of Butoh, that ancient, Japanese performing art – that makes Thierry such a unique, irrepressible and fizzing presence in gay London’s crucial, inner circle of bohemians.

So, does he have one talent in particular towering above his poetic, avant-garde dance and kaleidoscopic, sartorial gifts? Certainly, and it’s perhaps one that Thierry himself has overlooked – master facilitator. Arguably, no other non-binary individual in town has energised so many delightful, cutting-edge events with such non-stop, bubbling ebullience, the giddy enthusiasm of a marvellously adult child still in touch with his primal, contagious innocence.

Intrigued? Of course you are, so – without further ado – please feast your eyes, desires and imaginations on Thierry’s self- written manifesto below! Au Revoir,

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Lady Sasha XXX


 A co-creative artistic rebellion where generosity, opportunity, unbridled self-expression and kindness collide in a psychedelic vortex of possibilities. 

The sumptuous premises a refined members club above the iconic L’Escargot restaurant, it’s magical attic filled with decadent dreamers, impassioned geniuses and deliciously transgressive post gender spectators. 

Feel the flush of freedom flowing through your veins, the thrill of youth filling your heart and soul at the sights of wondrous creatures clustering its Edwardian interiors, its bijoux salons transformed into blissful boudoirs of bohemian bonhomie, its historical walls perspiring with the bodacious breeze of impossible dreams suddenly made vividly realisable. 

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Come and slide down the feather filled rabbit hole that is Salon Creme Anglaise and bounce back as a reinvented and readjusted Earthling ready to unleash its creative juices well into the 2020s!

Leave your troubles and machinations on the marble steps, embrace your joie de vivre and insouciance, and the best version of yourself will emerge victoriously !

Welcome the waves of fearless creativity trickling down your analogue brain, breathe in the gifts of inspiring arts, become a muse, a model, a poet or a star, let yourself be whole again, if only for a night, unabashed, vibrant, resplendent. You may arrive a spectator, be charmed, be enlightened and leave an active contributor to this spiritual putsch against the political establishment. And irresistibly whip up your return for more, when Creme Anglaise pours down – sometime very soon! – on scintillating Soho once again. 


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