Steps superstar “H” has uploaded a rather cheeky photo and fans are loving the sight.

The singer – turned ice-skating sensation took to Twitter to show off his rather pert ass…ets and fans were quick to show their appreciation.

Ian made history this year by becoming part of the first same-sex couple to take part on ITV’s hit show Dancing On Ice.

The dad of two, wrote yesterday morning on Twitter, “MORNING!! I’m feeling cheeky!”

Before reminding his fans that the last show of Dancing On Ice was due to air that evening.

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It wasn’t long before the love with his fanbase started with the well-know Twitter celeb, Auntie Pegg, claiming that Ian was a “saucy bugger” even the social team at London’s Vauxhall Tavern chimed in with “Have a blast, dear”

However, one fan summed it all up perfectly saying “You have a great butt” we couldn’t agree more.

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Meanwhile, The Sun, wrote a similar story and managed to get at least two facts wrong. In their story, the journalist wrongly asserted that Ian was standing in a sunbed. With just a quick glance you can see Ian is standing next to a shower and secondly, they stated that he tweeted “late last night” checking the timestamp on the tweet shows that the Tweet was sent at 10:50 AM.

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