This American anti-gay group criticised two girls kissing and it spectacularly backfired

Anti-gay, ultra-conservative group, ForAmerica tried to shame NBC and Macy’s for showing two girls kissing in the annual Thanksgiving Parade and they got slammed by Twitter.

ForAmerica says its aim is to “reinvigorate” the public with the principles of exceptionalism: freedom, prosperity and virtue, but when they criticised broadcaster NBC and famous department store Macy’s on Twitter for showing a lesbian kiss, they got their asses handed to them.

The tax-exempt, not-for-profile organisations said that Macy’s and NBC had blindsided parents in order to push “their agenda” on them.

ForAmerica‘s original tweet was commented on over 8700 times, most of which were lambasting the organisation, while it received a meagre 1800 likes and under 500 retweets, at the time of publishing.

Many commentators used examples of current politics in the US to shame the organisations. User Stephen Spin wrote, “President cheats on wife w/porn star – OK! President constantly belittles & bullies others – OK! President defends murderers like Putin & MBS – OK! Nazi salutes – OK! Active shooter drills – OK! 2 adult females kissing – OMG, THE WORLD IS ENDING”

While Morgan Jon Fox reminded ForAmerica that “Millions of small children will grow up to be gay & have families,” before reminding ForAmerica that what they witness was “called love”

Many called for ForAmerica to reevaluate its morals

However, this user seemed to have the best suggestion yet:

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