Florist gives away tens of thousands of flowers, which otherwise would have had to be burned as the country goes into lockdown

A luxury florist in London has delivered some 500 posy bouquets to NHS staff at six hospitals, including St. Thomas’s, Chelsea and Westminster, and Lambeth Hospital, as a thank you for all the hard work during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Wildabout’s team have created these signature posies to bring a moment of joy to our invaluable NHS employees, it has also meant that they have been able to prevent tonnes of flowers being burnt at local farms across Holland.

The managing director, Leanne Roberts-Hewitt said,

“As our industry comes to a standstill for the foreseeable future and we close our doors, we wanted to make sure we spread some joy through these difficult times to our amazing NHS workers … And nothing does that better than flowers!! 

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“It has been heartbreaking watching the huge amount of flowers in Holland being burnt due to the quick reduction in supply;  so we have been working with our Dutch supplier and the growers to put these flowers to good use. 

“We have a huge selection of flowers including 50,000 stems of Roses, 20,000 Tulips and 5,000 hydrangeas, that we are proud to have saved to be used for such an incredible cause. We hope they shine some light during the most incredibly difficult circumstances.”