2016 bought back some history for the motoring world. For the first time in eight years, London hosted a motor show, although on a small scale it was very important.

With the ever increasing sales of British cars of all brands, it was only fitting to bring some publicity to such a city. Not only has the United Kingdom created some of the best handling, luxurious and iconic cars, but are also going to help raise the bar on the land speed record.

Matthew Porter gives us his top three highlights of the London Motor Show


Over the years MG has been trying to claw its way back into the market with the three and the six. Both are very reasonably priced but lacked quality, however, what they lacked in quality they made up for in standard equipment. Both cars sold at a steady pace considering MG only re-entered the market back in 2011. After the fall of the brand back in 2008, it was down to the new Chinese owners to pull it back up to the top. With almost all current car companies having at least one SUV in their range it was much needed by MG to bring out the GS. This compact crossover SUV will sit to rival the Nissan Qashqai. What this car excels at will be value for money, set to undercut the rivals on price and equipment, making this a strong contender in the very growing and crowded market.

The stunning new GS brings stylish looks, practicality and technology at a very reasonable price. The sporty yet rugged looks of the GS bring new design language to the brand, with the face-lift of the 6 there is a clear path they are following, a very fruitful and prosperous path.

Set to come after this is a smaller, Nissan Juke rival. What will make this car even more desirable is that it will be built in Wales, truly putting the British engineering into a British car.



This is all TVR would reveal to press.

2016 bought the return of renowned car manufacturer TVR. The iconic British car brand was credited for their speed, handling and dramatic styling. After the last cars were made in 2006 it was thought to be the end of an era. However this has all changed. On the third of June 2015, car designer Gordon Murray and Cosworth partnered up for the relaunch of the brand. The plan is to bring the new car to the market in 2017 which will be the first step in a ten year plan for the company. The new car is rumored to host a front mounted Cosworth V8 powering the rear wheels and transmitted through a manual gearbox. The design has not been officially released get but some teasers have been released. It is said that the car will heavily rely on ground effect aerodynamics incorporated into the body work. The official unveiling will go ahead to all 400 deposit paid customers before the public debut.


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Bloodhound project.

Bloodhound project hoping to break the land speed record with 1000MPH with this new development. CAD Image: BLOODHOUND SSC originated by Flock and Siemens

This is an interesting showcase of a vehicle if it can be called that. The Bloodhound project is aiming to break the land speed record they previously set with their last creation the Thrust SSC with a top speed of over 760MPH. Speaking with a representative of the company it was understood this is a very complex and powerful feat of engineering.

To start with the vehicle will be fitted with a Typhoon EJ200 jet engine manufactured by Rolls-Royce. Second to that are three Nammo hybrid Rockets. All of these will help propel the vehicle to 1000MPH. However, with an engine to large and thirsty it must be fueled constantly and at a fast rate. Which is why, with no other purpose than a fuel pump, they will be using a Supercharged V8 Jaguar engine. As the previous driver of the last two record holding vehicles, Andy Green will be behind the wheel to bring another victory home.


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