Top 10 Campest Christmas Films Ever

9th November 2014 0 By Roger Walker-Dack

CHRISTMAS is the campest of all the holidays we celebrate : it’s the season of both joy and sheer excess, and should always be a great deal of fun. To help you have a gay old time we have trailed our extensive Film Library to give you.

A L’INTÉRIEUR aka Inside. If you are big fan of horror flicks, then this is a real sick Christmas one for you. If this not a genre you like then STOP READING NOW. This exceedingly nasty French movie made in 2009 starts with a baby dying in utero in a car crash. This becomes one total bloody fest as one very pregnant woman attempts to stop a stranger in her manger from cutting her unborn baby out of her tummy before it’s fully cooked. It’s on this list as it is as camp as hell. Literally.


A MERRY FRIGGING CHRISTMAS. We’ve included this brand new one even though we haven’t seen it …yet … as its one of the last movies that the late great ROBIN WILLIAMS made. This mad-cap comedy also stars Candace Bergen, Oliver Platt, Lauren Graham, and Jeffrey Tambor.BUY IT

ERNEST SAVES CHRISTMAS. Santa travels to Orlando to pick his successor before his magic runs out. When he arrives, he just happens to meet Ernest, a bumbling taxi driver who is filled with holiday joy. Ernest drops Santa off so he can meet with the next Santa, Joe Carruthers but forgets Santa’s magic bag in the trunk. This very silly comedy is a great way to just laugh that excessive Christmas Day dinner off.BUY IT


GO. This is a wonderfully funny action flick that follows several separate storylines on one very strange Christmas in Los Angeles and Vegas. For purposes here it’s worth noting that the most Christmassy of the storylines involves insanely hot Timothy Olyphant as a drug dealer in nothing but sweatpants and a Santa hat who holds Katie Holmes hostage. BUY IT

GREMLINS. THE star of ”Gremlins” the mogwai is a small, furry, fictitious creature that looks something like a cuddly teddy bear with the ears of a rabbit, a Bambilike nose, eyes as round and deep and dark as glass buttons, a sweet disposition and a physical nature more unstable than hydrogen gas. When Rand gives one to his son Billy (who fervently does not believe in Santa) as Christmas gift, all hell lets loose in their small town. Silly fun.


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MEET ME IN ST LOUIS. Christmas without Judy Garland would be unthinkable and the best one we think to watch over the holiday is this classic film: one of her very best. After all. MGM promoted this as ‘Technicolor Romance of Gaiety and Song’. Exactly

MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET. The original version 1947 earned this Santa Claus Edmund Glenn a Best Supporting Actor Oscar, in a movie that never leaves a dry eye in the house.


THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS. In Tim Burton’s delightful animated movie Jack Skellington, king of Halloweentown, discovers Christmas Town, but doesn’t quite understand the concept. A wee gem of a film.BUY IT

THE SILENT PARTNER. This camp almost forgotten Canadian gem from 1978 stars Christopher Plummer as a very hammy psychopath Santa Claus whose attempt to rob a Bank is foiled when the timid Teller (a very young Elliot Gould) beats him too it. Also stars an almost unrecognizable John Candy and Suzannah York.BUY IT

WHITE CHRISTMAS. This list would not be complete with one of the all-time camp Christmas movies that in 1954 Paramount claimed was ‘the most fabulous music and mirth show in motion picture history’. Starring Bing Crosby & Danny Kaye but our favorite track is Rosemary Clooney and Vera Ellen singing the original version of Sisters.BUY IT