Since it produced one of the world’s first ever explicitly gay films called Different From The Others back in 1919, Germany has been at the forefront of making really good LGBT movies. To mark the occasion of the release of the German-produced Futuro Beach made by Brazilian filmmaker Karim Ainouz, we have named our Top Ten German Gay Movies.

gay german films

1) Futuro Beach

This stunning new movie is light on plot as it focuses much more of the sensuality of each moment. There are certain pivotal scenes that are sparse of dialogue where he allows the camera to remain much longer than the norm with such riveting effect. Whether it be Donato letting off steam dancing rather manically in a club, or when he and Konrad are making rough and passionate sex together, or in the closing scene of the final motorbike ride. This story about the search for self-identity is one that will linger with you for a long time after you have seen it.

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