TOP 5: Quirky iPhone Cases

We take a look at some of the strange and wonderful designs of iphone cases out there, from the practical to the more amusing.

1) SmallWorks Brick Case

iphone cover

For those of us who can spend hours playing with your phone, well now you can literally play with your phone. Those old LEGO bricks you have won’t go to waste when the possibilities are endless to turn your phone into anything you like. Add two green bricks and it’s a dinosaur, a collection of yellow bricks makes a sun or even stick your favorite LEGO men to keep you company.
Available from: Amazon £20.00

2) Game of Thrones

iphone cover

If you’re a fans of the series Game of Thrones, well now you can get your hands on your very own Tyrion or other characters from the show. Guaranteed to protect you from all evil, but hasn’t found a way to block calls from Mother yet!

Available From: HBO Store £15.00


3) Wiki Ifoolish

iphone cover

Remember these? With all the technical games available to play on your phone, firing feathered friends at farm animals or running from temples and monsters, you’d be forgiven for now and then wanting to take it back 20 years and start to doodle. Sadly the knobs don’t turn so you have to draw your pictures with the pen provided, but certainly a conversation starter for the over 30s.

Available from: Amazon £13.99


4) Griffin: Survivor

iphone cover

Be a He-Man and have the most robust phone case out there. When you’re climbing mountains or sailing Oceans in your day to day life, you’ll need to know your phone is encased in safe hands. built to protect form sand, dirt, rain, shock vibration… the list goes on. A detachable heavy-duty clip secures your phone to a belt or hiking bag.

Available from: Amazon £14.02 (sale price)


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5) Thumbs up Ear Case

Amazing. Totally eradicate that fear of having your phone robbed in the street by disguising it in this clever case. Fool people into believing you have no phone at all, just an over sized ear that can hear conversations. Also good for cheating in the pub quiz and you need a little outside help. Just don’t try to get it pierced!


Available from: Amazon £4.99

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